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What you need to know about 315 South Band

Founded in 2011 off FM 315 South close friends, Tommy Smith & Rodger Chapman started with a small PA system set up in Tommy's living room. After jamming for a few weeks with their small PA system, Rodger on vocals & acoustic guitar & Tommy on rhythm guitar, it was clear that this had to become more than just a hobby for them it was their passion. So, after deciding that the name of the Band would be called 315 South born from the FM 315 South road where it all started.

Realizing that their desire was to entertain people and provide a good party atmosphere with great music, they build a studio. After a few changes with band members and adding a more variety of musical instruments, accessories, studio and live sound equipment, 315 South the band was on it's way. Through the last ten years, the band has grown to play an assortment of local and private venues with their Country, Classic & Southern Rock and Blues sound.

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